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Come to freshen up with a new 14K solid gold piercing! (only from the piercing collection ) At our store in Shabazi 57, Tel Aviv.


Decide where the piercing will be done

Whether it’s a tragus or helix piercing, the earring should be right for your ear anatomy, so that placement will be discussed with the piercer at the shop. Take into account there might be changes.


Choose one of our magical piercings!

On top of the earring price, the piercing itself costs 50 shekels. You will be pierced with a new earring that has undergone a pre-sterilization process. If you’re in need of any kind of help or custom-made guidance – we are here for you!

* The piercing is done only with a needle by a professional piercer, followed by all of the sterile and safety rules necessary. Minimal piercing age is 16.

* We pierce only with our new and sterilized piercing earrings, we can not use a used earring. We recommend choosing the earring before your arrival, so we’ll be prepared.

* The earrings also come in white gold! Please let us know beforehand! The front of the gold stud piercings will be white gold , while the back side (also the part that is inside of the ear) will remain yellow gold.


The piercing is executed by a professional piercer, at our sterile piercing room with a disposable needle.

Our piercing earrings are custom designed to pierce with, so no need for a medical piercing beforehand. They are all made from 14K gold, the length of it’s back is a bit longer and a bit thicker than a normal earring, and is suited for a fresh piercing (which needs space for swelling and healing).

All of our earrings that are under the category helix, tragus, and piercings.

We recommend on doing the piercing with a stud in most placements (especially helix!) for a better, and faster healing process.

We do exclusively ear piercings – lobe, helix  ,tragus ,counch , frontal helix ,flat and rook.

Yes, we replace piercings that have already healed at the shop, at all times of our working hours, not only on piercing days.

White gold piercings should be ordered in advance! All helix hoops come in white gold as well. Stud piercings are incorporated with a back side that comes only in yellow gold, (of course the front of the piercing remains white gold).

After the piercing is done you will get a sea salt spray, you should spray twice a day – morning and night. In the shower with clean hands and under warm water move the piercing lightly to wash out any discharge. Do not touch the piercing unless it’s for cleaning purposes. You should avoid twisting, playing, or sleeping on the ear of the piercing. Avoid any tugging or pulling of the piercing at all cost, as well as avoiding putting your head in the pool and the ocean for the first 2 weeks.

The healing process differentiates from person to person. Typically, a fresh lobe piercing takes between 1-2 months, and a cartilage piercing could take up to 4-12 months.

The price of the piercing is the price of the earring itself plus 50 shekels.

The earring should be chosen from our helix and piercing category on the website.

Depending on the placement and the individual healing process, between 2-6 months, when it is not swollen or discharges, then we recommend you to come and we will shorten it at the shop.

18 years old or at the age of 16 accompanied by a parent.

You should book an appointment here so we will prepare for your arrival.

Several holes can be made together in consultation with our piercer. Two consecutive appointments must be made through the appointment system.

The piercing process itself is a short, momentarily thing, and in most cases you do not feel more than a pinch. During the healing process there might be a little swelling and tenderness in the area and should follow our healing instructions.

The piercing itself is a short brief moment, but the healing period changes from one ear to the other. It is important to note that doing a tragus piercing does not allow putting in earbuds for the first few weeks.

The helix hoops must be taken down with pliers by moving them back and forth, advised another person’s help in doing so.

The piercing stud (bar) is assembled of 2 parts. The front of the piercing and the back (which is a hollow tube with a flat ending) the way to open it is by a tugging both parts and pulling them from each other.

A helix is an area on the outer arc of the ear. There are 3 kinds of helixes: low helix, high helix, and frontal helix. At the top of the page you can see an ear model to get an idea on how it looks like.

All of the piercings should be disinfected with sea salt spray from each side of the ear, back and front – morning and night. In the shower under worm water and with clean hands you can lightly move the piercing to get rid of any sort of discharge.

You should open with pliers, you are more than welcome to come to our shop at any time of our activity hours – for a replacement to a fresh, new earring!

For any question, feel free to contact us at 054-4557799, and Whatsapp or email us - info@she-ra-jewelry.com