Forever Bracelets

Introducing our Forever Bracelets

What is a Forever Bracelet?
A custom-made 14 karat gold bracelet, delicately fitting around your wrist or ankle, crafted by a professional artist in our studio.
Your new bracelet will be closure-free, but perfectly smooth and durable, tailored to your size and preference!

How does it work?


Schedule an appointment through our appointment booking system

Simply choose a suitable date and time and fill in your personal details


Choosing the bracelet and fitting it to your wrist or ankle

When you visit our shop, you will select a bracelet from our selection. We will measure the desired length, cut it, and fit it onto your wrist or ankle


Payment according to the type of model, whether wrist or ankle

The price range for hand bracelets is between 590-1,100 shekels
The price range for foot bracelets is between 630-1,300 shekels


It is a bracelet that comes without a closure, but rather fits you personally and remains on you permanently. You can choose the design and length you desire. The soldering process is very delicate, painless, and completely safe

At our store, located at 57 Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv. It is necessary to schedule an appointment before coming, as we do not do Forever bracelets every day

The payment is only for the bracelet itself and varies depending on the type of bracelet you choose

In order to remove a fitted bracelet, you need to come to our studio or delicately cut the soldering spot in the connecting loop

If for any reason you removed the bracelet and it was cut at the soldering ring, you are welcome to come to us for reattachment. The first reattachment will be done free of charge. Any subsequent reattachments will incur a cost of 50 shekels. It is not possible to reattach a bracelet that was cut at a different spot than the soldering ring

The appointment duration is 20 minutes, including time to choose the bracelet, take precise measurements, and of course, the soldering process. If you are coming with someone else who also wants to get a Forever bracelet, we would recommend to schedule two consecutive appointments

Yes! We don't have a professional available every day for soldering, so we recommend checking our schedule and making an appointment. However, if you come without an appointment on a day when we have a professional, we will make every effort to accommodate you and create your new bracelet

The minimum age for a Forever bracelet is 12. Parental supervision is required for individuals under the age of 18

Not at all! The soldering is done by a professional using an advanced device that performs delicate soldering through electric current. You won't feel anything during the process

No, the selection and payment are made on-site. We'll be happy to assist you at the store throughout the entire process

No! We have travelled extensively with our Forever bracelets and have never encountered any issues. Generally, there is no need to remove delicate jewelry when going through airport security

No, all our jewelry is made of 14-karat gold. Forever bracelets come in 14-karat yellow or white gold

Certainly! The Forever bracelet is perfect for ankles

At this stage, we only make bracelets

For any questions, please contact us at +972.544557799,  WhatsApp or via email