After Piercing Instructions

Please follow the next treatment instructions to assure an optimal healing process:

Do not touch, play, twist or sleep on the healing piercing at any stage.
Must avoid going into the ocean, pool, sauna or any water source/ sand for the first month.
Clean the piercing with warm water stream every day to clean out any discharge.
Use the sea salt spray 2-3 times a day, and let it dry.
What can you expect in the first stage of the healing process – redness in the area, a bit of dry blood or light bleeding, swelling, discharge and tenderness. It is very common while healing. Continue to treat according to the instructions, time and persistence will help a good recovery.

*The piercing is expected to heal between 3-12 month, remember everybody is different and healing time is very individual. Healing process can go up to a year for a fully healed piercing.

*Shortening the back of the piercing is part of the healing process, you can come once the swelling goes down (we do recommend consulting with us prior to coming).

*On a daily basis, any sort of closure may loosen or release, it is the clints responsibility to carefully check every once In a while that her earring is closed properly and is secured.

*It is not possible to return or exchange an earring with which you pierced for sanitary reasons.

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